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Why do YOU Want To Get Organized?

Do You Need Help?

How Can Organizer to the Rescue Help Me?

Why do YOU want to get organized?

  • STRESS? Many people want to eliminate the stress that comes from not being able to find what they need, when they need it. Most Americans have way too much stuff--more than they'd ever need--and some are drowning in it. Do you have trouble throwing stuff out or giving it away? Are you in the habit of buying things that you never put to use? Do you keep duplicates of many items? All these habits add to the piles of stuff clogging cupboards, closets, and file drawers. And don't even mention the garage! And when your stuff starts to cause you stress, it's time to take action.

  • FINANCES? Others are concerned because they are unable to keep abreast of their financial tasks. Perhaps bank or credit card issuers are assessing late fees. Or maybe mail is disorganized and bills are found too late to pay in time or, worse, never found at all. Perhaps you've misplaced dividend checks, rebates, or even paychecks! Money that should be available to you is lurking--somewhere-- in the piles of stuff.

  • MOVING/DOWNSIZING? Others are contemplating a move and they want to clear out the clutter that's accumulated over the years so the house sells faster and so the future move is easier. And if the new home is smaller than the present one, it's a good time to take stock and downsize your stuff as you downsize your home. For an excellent book on the subject, check out Ciji Ware's "Rightsizing Your Life: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most." Learn more or buy the book at Ciji's website.
  • SIMPLIFICATION? Many others want to just simplify their homes or offices as part of a lifestyle change. They can then use the bonus time they've gained to accomplish major lifetime goals such as concentrating on family, friends, career, hobbies, volunteering, travel, or better health.
  • LOTS OF RESPONSIBILITIES? Others have assumed the role of family caregiver and are overwhelmed with the day to day management of someone else's health concerns, living arrangements, or legal and financial requirements.

Do you need help?

Only you can answer this question.

  • One clue: FAILED SELF-HELP? If you've organized in the past only to watch as clutter and disorganization quickly invade your space again, it may be time to enroll a professional organizer.

  • Another clue: JOB OVERWHELMING? If you're drawn to all the neat organizing products out there, but just can't face the actual tasks of going through all your stuff, it may be a wise move to ask a professional to help. A professional can help you stay focused on the job and give you practical suggestions for systems that will work for YOU now and in the future.

  • A third clue: EMBARRASSED? If you avoid inviting people into your home or office because of the clutter and disorganization, it might be time to bring in a professional. A professional organizer can help you make your space something you can be proud of.

  • A fourth clue: THINK YOU NEED MORE SPACE? You might be considering renting offsite storage or prevailing upon friends or relatives to store your extra stuff. Or maybe you've been considering adding on to your home, not so much for the new floor space, but for the additional storage it will provide. Generally, this is not a long-range solution since your stuff will most likely expand to fill the new space. What is needed is a core-change in the way you view your stuff.


How Can Organizer to the Rescue Help Me?

Whatever your reason for getting organized, Organizer to the Rescue can help. How?

Hands-on Organizing: Organizer to the Rescue will work alongside you to do the tough work: going through your stuff, helping you decide what to keep and what to put to other uses (toss, donate, sell, give away to friends or family). Then the fun part starts--putting what you want to keep back together in a system that makes sense to you and will be easy for you to maintain over time.

Relocation and Transition Services: In 2008 Connie, of Organizer to the Rescue, earned her certification as a Relocation and Transition Specialist . The main focus of this specialty is helping seniors and baby boomers downsize, simplify, or transition to independent or assisted living communities. Call to learn more about how Organizer to the Rescue can help with your life transition.

Organizational Assessment: As an alternative, Organizer to the Rescue can do an Organizational Assessment of your home or small business and provide you with a written Action Plan. The Action Plan will give you a list of customized recommendations for you to follow on your own.

Coaching: Learn how to better manage your time and the many facets of your life. Get help defining your goals, tracking your progress toward your goals, and reaching your goals!

Fresh Start Filing: Delegate getting your files in order! Yes, Organizer to the Rescue can do the initial setup for your new filing system. First I'll work with you to determine the appropriate filing structure for you. I'll also need to help you verbalize your "keep" criteria. Then I'll go ahead and take it from there. The next time you see your files, they'll be all organized! This will give you that "fresh start" in regaining control over your paper. NOTE: I will never throw away a single paper in this process. Instead I'll put all the papers that I think need to go in a "Need to Toss?" box for us to go through when I'm done with the basic filing system. That way, you'll have the final say in deciding on just those papers that need to go.


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